Centrifuge Separation

Minuteman Spill Response: Your Centrifuge Separation Provider

For nearly two decades, Minuteman Spill Response has been providing high quality support services to our partners in the natural gas drilling industry—including centrifuge separation. As you know, efficient solids control enables your drilling operation to proceed efficiently, and our separation equipment is guaranteed to help you get the job done. Minuteman has built a reputation in the Pennsylvania area as a top quality partner for natural gas drilling operations, assisting in all manner of jobs—from routine maintenance and waste disposal to emergency spill response. While there are many reasons for our success, at Minuteman we believe first and foremost that it is our people who set us apart from the competition.

When it comes to liquid separation, it is essential that you partner with a company that can get the job done right. When you work with Minuteman, you can rest assured that you are partnering with the best team in the business. Each of our employees is highly trained and certified in a variety of services, and is dedicated to providing quality service to our partners in the drilling industry. Our experience has given us valuable insight into the challenges facing drilling operations, and our goal is to make your life easier. We recognize the importance of proper safety procedures, and you can depend on each member of our team to prioritize safety above all else. This means that you can relax and trust that the team at Minuteman will meet your needs—safely and cost efficiently.

In addition to centrifuge separation, Minuteman Spill Response also offers:

  • Energy & Industrial Services
  • Emergency Response
  • Railroad Services
  • Transportation & Waste Disposal
  • Vacuum Truck & Trailer Services
  • Roll-off and Container Services
  • Chemical Overpacking

At Minuteman, we take pride in our fleet of modernized equipment. Featuring tanker trucks, liquid vacuum trucks, bulldozers, excavators, and much more, our equipment positions us to handle complicated jobs of any size and scale. Our liquid vacuum trucks can safely and efficiently remove and transport liquid and semi-solid waste materials from tanks, surface impoundments and other transport vessels. In addition, our extensive line of first response equipment allows us to rapidly and effectively respond to disasters and spills involving hazardous material. When it comes to choosing a partner for your natural gas drilling operation, it is essential to select a company with the equipment to handle all of your needs. At Minuteman, we always get the job done!

Whether you are in need of solids control, centrifuge separation, waste disposal, or emergency response, only Minuteman has the people and the resources to provide the services you need. We’re standing by to take your call—so when you need support services, you need Minuteman Spill Response!