Fluid Handling Systems

Minuteman Spill Response: The Fluid Handling Systems Leader

Without effective fluid handling systems, it is impossible to run your drilling operation efficiently. At Minuteman Spill Response, we understand the importance of fluid handling and waste management—and for over 17 years, we have provided our clients in the drilling industry with the services they need to ensure that their operation continues to run smoothly.

At Minuteman, we believe that it is our extensive inventory of heavy equipment, combined with our experienced and well trained workforce, that truly set us apart from other drilling service providers. Whether you need fluid handling services, drum handling, liquid handling systems, or other services, Minuteman Spill Response can meet your needs.

In addition to providing fluid handling systems, Minuteman also provides:

  • Energy & Industrial Services
  • Emergency Response
  • Railroad Services
  • Transportation & Waste Disposal
  • Vacuum Truck & Trailer Services
  • Roll-off and Container Services
  • Chemical Overpacking

Our goal at Minuteman Spill Response is to provide drilling operations with the services they need to run efficiently. We believe that by providing expert support services, we can free our clients to focus on the essential activities at their sites. And allowing us to fulfill this objective is our exceptional team. Each member of our workforce is highly trained and certified in his area of work. But what truly sets our employees apart is the shared passion for customer service they possess. It does not matter what the services are—whether we are providing fluid storage, cleaning services, or emergency response, the team at Minuteman is focused on delivering high quality services safely and cost-effectively. And it is this commitment that has helped us build a reputation as the premier services provider in the Marcellus Shale region.

While it is our team that makes us exceptional, without the necessary equipment nothing could be accomplished. We are proud of our inventory of high tech equipment, which includes the following:

  • PPE suits
  • HAZMAT response trucks
  • 500 Barrel / 21,000 gal. Frac tanks
  • 100 Barrel / 3,000 gal. King Vacuum Trucks
  • 130 Barrel / 3,500 gal. Vacuum trailers
  • Excavators
  • Bulldozers
  • Tri-axle Dump Trucks
  • Site Restoration Equipment
  • Roll-Off Container Trucks
  • 60 & 75 Ton Rotators
  • Air Cushion Recovery Tools
  • Mobile incident command center with satellite communication equipment
  • Kobuta RTV 9000 utility vehicle

Our vacuum trucks, along with our inventory of specialty pumps, provide quick spill clean-ups, fluid transfers and easy tank cleaning and maintenance. These trucks transfer the liquid waste to the appropriate disposal facility. Minuteman also provides hydraulic fracturing fluid services including frac tanks for temporary on site storage, frac liquid collection, transportation and disposal.

Our equipment allows us to create efficient fluid handling systems for each of our partners in the drilling industry. And our dedicated workforce ensures that each job is carried out efficiently and safely. When you need drilling services, look no further than Minuteman Spill Response for all of your needs.