Drill Cuttings Disposal, Trust The Experts At Minuteman Spill Response

For your drill cuttings disposal needs in the Pennsylvania oil fields, you can depend on the experts at Minuteman Spill Response.  We have been serving clients in the gas and oil drilling industry for over 17 years, and have the equipment, expertise and experience needed to handle all of your drilling waste management needs.

Your Drill Cuttings Disposal Company

drill cuttings disposalMinuteman Spill Response provides drill cuttings management and drill cuttings pickup for oil and gas fields throughout the Pennsylvania areaOur state of the art equipment includes vacuum trucks, which, along with our inventory of specialty pumps, provide quick spill clean-ups, fluid transfers and easy tank cleaning and maintenance as well as disposal services.

We own up to date HAZMAT response trucks, PPE suits, 21,000 gallon Frac tanks, 3,000 gallon King Vacuum trucks, 3,500 gallon vacuum trailers, excavators, bulldozers, dump trucks, restoration equipment, container trucks, air cushion recovery tools and much more.  We coordinate our services with our satellite-equipped mobile incident command center.  When it comes to drill cuttings disposal, trust the company with the specialty equipment necessary to get the job done right.  Minuteman can help you with all of your drill cuttings management and disposal needs.

In addition to being a drill cuttings disposal company, Minuteman provides 24 hour emergency response to any HAZMAT incident.  Our eight locations throughout central and northeastern Pennsylvania allow us to provide a rapid response to our customers.  We provide a wide range of gas field services beyond emergency response, including stabilization and containment, site cleanup, remediation and restoration, hazardous materials testing and disposal, and soil excavation and treatment.  So whether you need simply need quality drill cuttings disposal or are in need of our extensive gas field services, Minuteman Spill Response has the equipment and the accessibility you need to keep your operation running smoothly.

Drill Cuttings Pick Up From Drill Cuttings Disposal Company

More than just a drill cuttings disposal company, Minuteman Spill Response has the experience needed to get each job done properly.  Our team has been working in the industry for over 17 years and has a proven track record of success handling a wide range of incidents, including overturned tractor trailers, derailed train cars and fuel spills.  When waterways are in danger, our River and Lake Boom Deployment Team stands ready. Our boat is used in river and lake boom deployment, installing containment in water enclosed areas and in monitoring polluted waters. Our Manta Ray Skimmer is used to remove hazardous material from the water’s surface and is used extensively after flooding.  Few drilling services companies in the Pennsylvania area can provide the combination of equipment, preparedness and expertise that Minuteman Spill Response is proud to offer our clients.  For drill cuttings pick up or other drilling site operations, contact Minuteman Spill Response today.

When it comes to drill cuttings disposal, you need a partner with the experience and the equipment to get the job done safely, quickly and cost-effectively.  The expertise of the Minuteman team allows us to handle drill cuttings management and other services for satisfied clients throughout the Pennsylvania area.  When you need drill cuttings disposal, you need Minuteman Spill Response.  Contact us today for further information.