Oil and Gas Field Services

Minuteman Spill Response provides 24hr emergency response to oil and gas field services. From spill cleanup to frac fluid transfers, Minuteman has the equipment and expertise you need.

Regardless of size or complexity, Minuteman has all of the equipment necessary for complete oil and gas cleanup service. Our fleet of first response vehicles includes:

  • PPE suits
  • HAZMAT response trucks
  • 500 Barrel / 21,000 gal. Frac tanks
  • 100 Barrel / 3,000 gal. King Vacuum Trucks
  • 130 Barrel / 3,500 gal. Vacuum trailers
  • Excavators
  • Bulldozers
  • Tri-axle Dump Trucks
  • Site Restoration Equipment
  • Roll-Off Container Trucks
  • 60 & 75 Ton Rotators
  • Air Cushion Recovery Tools
  • Mobile incident command center with satellite communication equipment
  • Kobuta RTV 9000 utility vehicle

These emergency response units transport everything from booms and absorbent pads to drums, pumps, air cushion recovery systems and all levels (A-D) of personal protection equipment. Our Incident Command Center is used for jobs that require extensive periods of time or are located remotely. It is a fully equipped state of the art hazardous material mobile command center complete with satellite communications equipment. The Kubota RTV 900 utility vehicle enables us to access remote and rugged terrain.

For emergency spill cleanup or routine tank cleaning, Minuteman has the equipment you need. Our vacuum trucks, along with our inventory of specialty pumps, provide quick spill clean-ups, fluid transfers and easy tank cleaning and maintenance. These trucks transfer the liquid waste to the appropriate disposal facility. Minuteman also provides hydraulic fracturing fluid services including frac tanks for temporary on site storage, frac liquid collection, transportation and disposal.

When waterways are threatened, Minuteman’s River and Lake Boom Deployment Team is ready. Our boat is used in river and lake boom deployment, installing containment in water enclosed areas and monitoring polluted waters. Our Manta Ray Skimmer is used to remove hazardous material from the water’s surface and is used extensively after flooding.

Minuteman’s large fleet of heavy excavating equipment means that we can quickly and efficiently remove and transport contaminated soil and bring replacement soil for restoration.