Oil and Gas Field Services

Minuteman provides both conventional oil and gas field services and 24 hour emergency response services.

For emergency spill cleanup or routine tank cleaning, Minuteman has the equipment you need. Our vacuum trucks, along with our inventory of specialty pumps, provide quick spill clean-ups, fluid transfers and easy tank cleaning and maintenance. These trucks transfer the liquid waste to the appropriate disposal facility. Minuteman also provides hydraulic fracturing fluid services including  frac tanks for temporary on site storage, frac liquid collection, transportation and disposal.

Minuteman also provides a full range of cleanup and site remediation services for any oil or gas field application. We start with site sampling and analysis, continue through authorized disposal, and finish with a site that is fully restored. Regardless of the size or complexity of the cleanup, we have all the equipment to get the job done. We have our own fleet of heavy equipment for soil excavation. Our team of excavators and dump trucks will remove and transport both contaminated soil for disposal and replacement soil for restoration. In addition, we have a full range of site restoration equipment to backfill, grade and landscape the area to pre-incident condition.